ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Lodgement Guidance

The ATTMA Lodgement system is the area where the data from air tightness tests carried out by members is stored and are able to download ATTMA branded certificates.






There are four ways of uploading data to ATTMA lodgement. These are;

Directly from
Tectite or Fantestic

From Custom Software
e.g MS Excel


Manually through
ATTMA Lodgement

Lodgement Rules

All members are required to follow the scheme rules and regulations regardless of additional or alternative accreditations

All members must lodge every test regardless of result, readiness, or otherwise unless the the test is not carried out for Building Regulations compliance.

Members must issue the Lodgement certificate alongside any report or other documentation provided by the test company. It is not acceptable to refer to the Lodgement within the testers own report.

Lodgements must contain all data from tests carried out in accordance with the current test standard and in line with the guidance provided by ATTMA

All temporary and all additional temporary sealing must be recorded with the lodgement within the deviations section.

ATTMA reserves the right to refuse access to lodgement, and therefore suspended certification for the following reasons:

·       Deliberately failing to submit all tests conducted.

·       Submitting information that is false or misrepresentative, such as incomplete addresses.

·       Using a certificate or report that is not an AVCCS Lodgement certificate.

·       The test being conducted by an unregistered tester.

·       The tester not carrying out sufficient numbers of test in accordance with the Building Regulations.

·       Failing to pay annual membership and audit fees.

·       Failing to pay the lodgement fees within 30 days of invoice.

·       Any other reason that causes deliberate confusion, misrepresentation or puts the integrity of the Scheme at risk.

Failing to abide by the above rules and regulations may result in the testers certification being withdrawn indefinitely.