ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Level 2 Training – Australia and New Zealand Only – Online


Air Tightness Testing Level 2 Training

The Air Tightness Testing Level 2 training course consists of a three day training course run by ATTMA which aims to teach testers who already have experience with air tightness testing, or have recently completed the ATTMA Level 1 training course, how to conduct air tightness testing in accordance with ATTMA TSL2, providing the skills and knowledge to conduct multiple fan, compartmentalised building and co-pressurisation testing.

Course Content

The Air Tightness Testing Level 2 training course will consist of

  • ATTMA Scheme & its history
  • Air Leakage Theory
  • Equipment
  • Equipment Setup
  • Test Standards
  • Test Procedure
  • Envelope / Surface Areas
  • Practical Examples


There will be 3 parts to the examination:

  • Practical Test
  • Theory Test

There is also an optional Advanced Envelope Area test. Though you don’t have to sit this, a member of your company must have completed this assessment in order for the company to be registered as Level 2.

This course will be held remotely

Additional information


It is expected that the course will run from 09:30 until 16:30 each day


The course is held at:

Level 3/15 Doody St,
NSW 2015,