About the SITMA Scheme


The SITMA Scheme, created in 2018, is owned and operated by the Building Compliance Testers Association (BCTA), the same great team behind ATTMA.


SITMA operates a voluntary registered testers scheme providing 3rd party certification to individuals to certify organisations as being competent to carry out sound insulation testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4, BS EN ISO 140-7 & ISO 16283, ensuring that all individuals (and therefore their respective organisations) operate to the high standards the BCTA expects.

Minimum Requirements

As a minimum, all SITMA members must:

  • Hold both PI and PL insurance.
  • Own fully UKAS calibrated sound insulation testing kit.
  • be subject to unannounced audits (typically 3-4 per year).
  • Use the specially made SITMA software
  • Be trained independently through the Institute of Acoustics / Solent University CCBAM or demonstrate advance prior knowledge and/or experience (APEL)

SITMA Software

The software that BCTA SITMA has developed is incredibly powerful. It is mandatory for all members and includes:

  • Advanced software that takes data directly from the sound level meter or conversion software to create full reports
  • A unique Lodgement system that requires users to lodge in advance, giving SITMA notification of user locations in advance


The BCTA Group employs experienced sound insulation testers and acoustic consultants that conduct the auditing, including Lee Thompson, who is employed solely to conduct audits, all day, every day, ensuring testers maintain the high quality that is expected of them.


Interested in becoming a member? why not speak to us. +44(0)1494 358159 or click here to apply directly.


Please click this link to view the annual and Lodgement fees