Usable Equipment

Testers must be familiar and competent in the operation of any and all testing equipment used to carry out sound insulation tests in accordance to industry standards.

MakeModelUpload TypeUK Distributor
NorsonicNor-121.xlsxCampbell Associates
RionNA-28.xlsxANV Measurements Systems
NTiXL2.txtNTi Audio
Bruel & Kjaer2250.rndBruel & Kjaer

Below is the what standards equipment should be calibrated to. All equipment should be undertaken by a UKAS or iLAC accredited laboratory for the specific class of calibration required.

Traceable, manufacturers or verified calibration is not acceptable.

Sound Level MeterVerified against the accuracy class 0 or 1 in IEC 60651 and IEC 60804
Sound Level Meter FiltersIEC61260
Sound CalibratorAgainst accuracy class 1 defined in IEC 60942
Reverberation TimeISO 354
Tapping MachineAnnex A of ISO 140-7

If equipment is hired, a record should be kept of all equipment used for testing and pre-completion testing including that which is not owned by the test.