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SITMA Lodgement is the process of storing data and retrieving test reports from sound insulation tests carried out by members and issuing SITMA branded reports and certificates.

SITMA records the key data from all tests in order to:
• Provide industry statistics to governments and industry stakeholders
• Research many different combinations to view trends
• Ensure testing is conducted in accordance with the standards
• Support Building Control and Approved Inspectors, creating a uniform system.



(Customer, Site) Added in Advance


Test is conducted


Data is uploaded to SITMA Lodgement


Data is checked


Report is downloaded from SITMA Lodgement

SITMA has developed a system for recording data from each test, which is accessed through SITMA Lodgement.


SITMA reserves the right to refuse access to lodgement, and therefore suspend certification, for the following reasons:

Failing to abide by the above rules and regulation may result in the tester being suspended from the scheme indefinitely.

Ref: PUS006 – SITMA Lodgement Process, Rules & Guidance – Issue 1.2