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ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Level 2 – Australia and New Zealand


This course is specifically for those in Australia and New Zealand. If you are based anywhere else in the world, please click here

The ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Level 2 goes into greater depths of more complex systems of airtightness testing. We will concentrate on troubleshooting and understanding what systems are doing and knowing how to use testing software to its maximum potential.


  • Competence and confidence with the following are prerequisite to register for this course:
  • Registration with ATTMA as a Registered Level 1 tester
  • Calculation of building envelope areas by manual methods
  • Testing by both automated and manual modes of equipment operation
  • Conversion between different units of measure
  • Basic algebra and geometry skills and understanding

The course is designed to take seasoned professionals with testing experience and introduce them to more advanced procedures and concepts. It will provide an understanding of how ATTMA standards, regulatory standards, and project specifications for airtightness are applied in Australia. We will better understand how test results should be represented and compared, and how they relate to physical processes in real buildings.

The course contains an open-book knowledge and theory exam; an assessment of the ability to calculate envelope dimensions of large and complex buildings; and an assessment of proficiency in using a common multi-fan blower door systems from either The Energy Conservatory or Retrotec in multi-fan configurations and through pressure-neutralised tests.

ATTMA Level 2 Airtightness Testers are qualified to carry out testing on larger structures more than 4000 m3 or those requiring more than one fan system. Common examples include commercial buildings and multi-fan simultaneous tests such as pressure-neutralised tests.

Proficiency in basic geometry skills is a base requirement, whether such calculations are conducted by pen and paper or by computer program. It is helpful, but not required, for attendees to have some experience with calculation of envelope areas from printed or digitised building plans by software such as SketchUp or Adobe Acrobat.

As the course is being heldĀ onlineĀ using Microsoft Teams, the course will be recorded for your own use, however we expect full attention and the occasional appearance on webcam (especially in group discussions and Q&As)

When booking onto the Level 2 course, you will need to wait for ATTMA Admin to confirm your booking. Please do not submit multiple bookings

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