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ATTMA Envelope Area – 3D Modelling – Advanced


This 1 day course provides both the knowledge and understanding required to model complex envelope areas and volumes in 3D using the SketchUp software.  The course should be attended by air tightness testers or envelope area calculation technicians who wish to increase their skills in SketchUp on complex buildings.  The course also provides a route for delegates to gain the EA qualification on successful completion of the exam.

Prior Knowledge

Delegates must have the following prior knowledge and understanding before attending the course.

  • Understand how to calculate envelope area and volumes for air tightness testing
  • Often use or be very familiar with SketchUp in the calculation of envelope areas

Course Content

The course covers the following key topic areas:

  • Setting up a template for air tightness testing
  • Importing drawings and scaling them to size
  • Modelling a building to calculate the envelope areas and volumes.


The course has exercises for the envelope area and volume calculation of:

  • Merging multiple drawings into a single element and using drawings of differing scales
  • Complex roof intersections
  • Circles, curves, cones and domes


The following items must be brought to the course:

  • Laptop
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel
  • Scientific calculator or a smart phone


The course has a remote examination that the delegates may undertake away from the training venue.  Once the drawings for a building are sent the delegate has 24 hours to supply their calculated floor area, wall area, roof area and envelope area on a web based portal based on their calculation.  On successfully passing the exam the delegate gains the EA qualification which allows the company to undertake level 2 and 3 tests providing they also have air tightness testers qualified at those levels.