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Thermal Imaging Category 1

by iRed,

Course Description

The Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 course delivers the knowledge and skills needed to undertake thermal imaging surveys of domestic properties.

Trained thermographers can use thermal imaging cameras to test the fabric of buildings and assess heat transfers. Using these cameras to survey buildings can quickly identify areas of air leakage and heat loss. This allows professionals to track building performance and improve energy efficiency.

Many factors, such as camera settings, can affect a thermal image. As such, training helps delegates learn how to avoid common mistakes and create basic reports.

Course Content

Delegates will learn the basics of thermal camera set-up and calibration. The course also demonstrates thermal image processing, analysis, and reporting. Delegates will gain an understanding of domestic property construction and professional practice.

Accredited to industry standards, this course includes both theoretical and practical exercises. In addition, delegates will be able to try out the latest thermal imaging cameras and equipment.

On completing the course, delegates will have the skills and knowledge to conduct thermal imaging surveys of domestic properties, such as houses and flats.

Successful completion of the Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 qualification requires delegates to pass a multiple-choice theory exam, taken on the final day of the course.

They must also submit five thermal imaging reports to the iRed Academy for assessment. Delegates are able to submit these reports up to a year after the end of the course.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those new to industry, who are looking to expand their knowledge. This will allow them to enhance their current surveying practices to include thermal imaging.

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