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Thermal Imaging Category 2

by iRed,

Course Description

The Building Thermal Imaging Category 2 course explores thermal imaging in a greater depth, demonstrating how to undertake advanced analysis of thermal images. As well as this, delegates will learn how to create specialist thermal imaging reports for commercial use.

Course Content

The Building Thermal Imaging Category 2 course includes the advanced principles of thermal imaging, and thermal indexing.  In addition, delegates will study the thermodynamics of buildings, including thermal bridges and external influences. The course also demonstrates thermal camera operating characteristics and advanced analysis of thermal images.

Delegates will gain an understanding of the construction of domestic and commercial buildings. Furthermore, delegates will study professional practice, which includes the principles and standards adopted by experienced thermographers. As a result, delegates gain the knowledge to confidently lead thermal imaging surveys for a range of buildings. This also allows practicing thermographers to develop their existing skills for wider applications.

Our thermal imaging training courses are industry-focused, providing extra insight and guidance for commercial applications. As commercial surveyors and inspectors, our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can’t be found at any other training centre.

Building Thermal Imaging Category 2 Course Assessment

Successful completion of the Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 qualification requires delegates to pass a multiple-choice theory exam, taken on the final day of the course.

Additionally, delegates must also complete five different thermal imaging reports. Delegates have up to a year after the end of the course to submit their reports to the iRed Academy for assessment.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for existing thermographers, including those who have completed the Building Thermal Imaging Category 1 course. The course enables these thermographers to develop their skills and knowledge to undertake advanced building thermal surveys.

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