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Covid Policy

This is a excerpt of The Building Performance Hub’s Covid Policy, which can be requested by email

Covid-19 Checks

Following government guidance, the Building Compliance Testers Association have removed Covid-19 checks from its venue (The Building Performance Hub). This means that unless otherwise advised, guests and visitors to the Hub will no longer need to provide proof of their Covid-19 status to attend training courses, meetings or events

Covid-19 Acknowledgement

Despite the removal of Covid-19 Checks, BCTA and The Building Performance Hub still expects all delegates and visitors to be mindful that strains of the Covid virus exist and that they are still very much present in the general population.

As such the below Terms and Conditions remain in place;

a) Before attending an Event, guests must familiarise themselves with and comply with the latest rules and guidance issued by the UK government regarding Covid 19.

b) By attending an Event at The Building Performance Hub, all guests are acknowledging their consent to, and agree to abide by, the safety precautions that have been implemented by the Hub, which may include (but is not limited to) wearing of face coverings, lateral flow tests and/or non-invasive Covid-19 status certification checks.

c) Current safety measures for the Hub will be posted on our website and specific guest requirements will be set-fourth in the pre-visit email notifications. Failure to comply with the defined precautions could result in guests being asked to leave the venue.

d) The safety measures at the Hub are intended to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19 but this risk cannot be completely eradicated. By attending an event at the Hub, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any place where people are gathered together.