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Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1

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Based on the accredited Thermal Imaging Category 1 course, the Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 includes an additional day of training on drone operation for thermal inspections. The course teaches the fundamentals of thermal imaging, as well as how to conduct a thermal survey using a drone. Delegates will learn how to capture and analyse thermal images, as well as create basic reports.

There are many commercial applications for the use of thermal cameras on drones. These include electrical inspections, thermal building surveys, and search and rescue. As such, drone operators using thermal imaging can offer extra services to clients, which provides them with an advantage over competitors.

Course Content

Furthermore, the course uses case studies to demonstrate the practical applications of different survey techniques. Delegates will also gain an understanding of the strengths and limitations of thermal technology.

The course teaches the basics of thermal camera set-up and calibration. Delegates will study a range of cameras, including drone mounted, tripod mounted, and hand-held units. They’ll also look at current thermal imaging drone cameras and aerial platforms and match them to suitable commercial applications.

In addition, delegates will learn how to use software to analyse and interpret thermal data. Drawing the correct conclusions from thermal data is important, so this forms a large part of post-production workflow. The course will also demonstrate how to present thermal data to produce a substantial report for clients.

The Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 course provides drone pilots with the knowledge and skills to use thermal imaging cameras as a professional tool. As a result, delegates will be able to expand their range of services to include thermal imaging surveys.

Students will need to pass a multiple-choice iRed® exam, taking place on the final day of the course. They will also need to submit five drone thermal imaging reports for assessment. Delegates are able to submit these reports up to a year after course completion.

Who Should Attend

The Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 course is ideal for commercial drone pilots looking to inspect buildings, solar panels and power-lines using thermal imaging cameras. The course enables pilots to expand their range of current services to include aerial thermal imaging surveys.

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