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ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Level 1


This 4 day course provides both the knowledge and understanding required to air tightness test single dwellings and other small simple buildings.

Prior Knowledge

To pass the course it is recommended that delegates:

  • Be familiar with basic geometry including trigonometry and Pythagorean theorem
  • Be familiar and are able read architectural plan, section and elevation drawings
  • Have read the ATTMA technical standard TSL1

Course Content

The course includes a combination of both presentation and exercises on the first 3 days and the 4th day is dedicated to examinations.  The course content covers the minimum knowledge and understanding identified in the National Occupational Standards for a level 1 tester and this includes:

Presentations and Exercises

The presentations cover the following key topic areas:

  • The ATTMA scheme
  • A background to air leakage
  • Equipment used for air tightness testing
  • How to setup the equipment for an air tightness test
  • The air tightness testing test standards
  • The test procedure
  • How to prepare a building for an air tightness test
  • Basic geometry
  • How to calculate building envelope areas.
  • Building regulations
  • Contracting
  • Quality assurance


On the 4th day the examinations are split into 3 key areas which are:

  • Practical examination with the testing of a dwelling
  • Multiple choice theory examination
  • Envelope calculation of a dwelling

3D Modelling for Beginners – This course DOES NOT incorporate any content for 3D Modelling. If you’d like to attend this please follow this link

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