SITMA is financed by membership fees and lodgement fees. This enables the scheme to be fairly funded according to usage.

Lodgement fees are automatically accrued for each tester and invoiced monthly in arrears. Invoices will be sent to the assigned company if requested to do so during the application process.

Below are the fees commencing 1st January 2023

Application Fee

£ 250 per individual
  • Payable on application
  • One off fee on joining SITMA

Annual Fee

£ 600 Annually
  • Per Individual
  • Use of the SITMA Lodgement System
  • Technical Support including access to technical guidance documents
  • Advanced software that takes data directly from the sound level meter or conversion software to create full reports
  • UK Companies Only

Lodgement Fees

£ 2.50 per test (in advance)
  • Lodgement Fees are charged once per individual test
  • £2.50 per plot when registered in advance on the SITMA lodgement system
  • If not registered in advance on the SITMA Portal, then a £10 per test will be charged
  • The first test of the plot is charged each retest thereafter is not.
  • All tests regardless of result must be lodged