SITMA Certification Scheme Scope

Scope of SITMA Certification Scheme

SITMA operates a Registered Testers Scheme in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for individuals conducting sound insulation testing for building regulations compliance in accordance with the following test standards:

to show compliance in accordance with The Building Regulations:

Calculations for the testing standards are conducted in accordance with:

Alongside the following documents:

which are referenced in the scheme as documents that are required to be followed as normative references. The auditor will check that the tester has access to these documents are part of the audit.

Purpose of SITMA

The purpose of the SITMA certification scheme is to:

Aims of the SITMA Certification Scheme

The aims of SITMA are to provide scheme member testers with:

Additional Information

Building Regulations

Where The Building Regulations require amendments or adaptations to the testing standards, these overrule the requirements of the testing standards.

A gap analysis, document QMS024, exists which identifies the differences between the standards and the building regulatory requirements and how the scheme handles these differences.

Updated Test Standards

It is noted and understood that newer versions of the testing standards are released, namely ISO 16283-1 & ISO 16283-2, alongside newer version of BS EN ISO 717-1 and BS EN ISO 717-2, however as these are not called up in The Building Regulations, they are not used in the scheme. If The Building Regulations are updated, the scheme will make amendments to include the new standards.

ISO 17024:2012 requirements

SITMA assesses, certifies and audits the scheme members as ‘individuals’ and carries out an ongoing audit program of surveillance and witnessing tests in line with its own audit requirements.

SITMA acts impartially to all applicants, candidates and certified persons