About the SITMA Scheme


The SITMA Scheme is not owed by any company or entity. SITMA is part of The Building Compliance Testers Association and is a founding member. The SITMA Directors are all non-executive and voluntary, apart from Barry Cope, Scheme Manager and David Pickavance, SITMA Chair of the Board of Directors.


SITMA operates a voluntary registered testers scheme providing 3rd party certification to individuals as being competent to carry out sound insulation testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4, BS EN ISO 140-7 with calculations conducted in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-1 and BS EN ISO 717-2, ensuring that all individuals (and therefore their respective organisations) operate to the high standards SITMA expects.

Minimum Requirements

As a minimum, all SITMA  members must:

Entry Requirements

Entry into SITMA is through two routes to gain access into the scheme:

Approved Training Provider

Entry via this route is usually through post attendance of the training course (CCBAM)

Approved Prior Experience & Learning (APEL)

Entry via this route is via assessment. Any applicant can apply to join SITMA via the APEL route, however failed attempts to join will result in further assessment fees.

SITMA Lodgement Portal

Recording tests on the SITMA Lodgement Portal is mandatory for all testers. The Lodgement Portal ensures accurate testing and is required as part of the certification. The Lodgement system saves SITMA members time by

  • Reports

    Be able to take data directly from the sound level meter or conversion software to create full reports

  • Certification

    Support the certification requirements of the member to provide a smooth certification process


SITMA employs experienced sound insulation testers and acoustic consultants that conduct audits. Lee Thompson who is employed solely to conduct audits all day every day ensuring testers maintain the high quality that is expected from them

Membership and Fees

If you’re interested in becoming a member of SITMA then don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions.