Once accredited and registered as members of the SITMA scheme, accreditation shall be maintained through a process of continual surveillance auditing

Auditors will work to the 6 principals of auditing, which require:


The foundation of professionalism

Fair Representation

To give a fair representation of the company

Due Professional Care

Applying diligence and judgement in auditing


All information shared is secure


The basis for impartiality, providing objective conclusions

Evidence Based Approach

Giving a rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible audit conclusions

Firms which hold UKAS accreditation to ISO17025 with a scope covering sound insulation testing are still subject to auditing.

Audits may be unannounced, due to all members be required to add tests to the SITMA Lodgement system at least midnight before the day of the test. Contact may be made with the member company approximately 1-5 days before the audit, however the date does not need to be mutually agreed by both parties.