Code of Conduct


  • To undertake only those tests for which I can demonstrate my competence, and I am suitably certified to test.
  • To only deploy appropriately trained and registered testing staff to carry out testing
  • never to allow my technical judgment to be overruled by any colleague, senior or otherwise
  • never test without declaring where there is a conflict of interest. This could be perceived or actual

Maintaining Standards

  • to never knowingly compromise in, following the spirit or the letter, of the relevant building codes, regulations and standards, particularly where commercial advantage would be attained by doing so.
  • be aware at all times of, and uphold the provisions/requirements of, the relevant building codes, regulations and standards under which work is being undertaken
  • not make unjustifiable statements, inducements, etc, or from performing unethical acts which would discredit the SITMA Certification Scheme
  • not knowingly provide testing services for or on behalf of other testing companies that themselves have been suspended or removed from the SITMA registration schemes, unless you are contracted to conduct and report the testing