Entry Routes

There are 2 routes for testing to gain access into the scheme. All testers are required to fill out the application for available here

Testers may be associated to a company, however the qualification remains with the tester.
Testers will be;

  • Insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity
  • Own or rent all equipment required for testing. Details can be found below and on the equipment page.

Entry Route 1: Training and assessment
Attend a training course a SITMA Approved Training Partner, which can be found here.
To complete the course, you must take and pass the exams and practical assessments.

Entry Route 2: APEL (Advanced Prior Experience / Learning)
It is possible to enter the scheme by demonstrating that you have prior experience of the competence level you are aiming for.
APEL is not a route for testers who have no experience or have been trained in-house. Testers may be requested to sit the exam from a SITMA APT at their cost to prove competence in this instance.