Entry Routes

There is only one entry route to become a SITMA Member. This is through training and examination

Training and Examination

In order to ensure that Scheme requirements are met and that all applicants are treated fairly and objectively SITMA uses a Training and Assessment Process.

Candidates do have the options of either attending a training course at a SITMA Approved Training Provider (ATP) and then go onto sit the exam, or they have the option to simply sit the examination without the training, should they feel that they are confident enough to pass the assessment without additional training.

Candidates who complete the training course are required take and pass the exam including the practical element.

There may be circumstances where the tester does not have the ability to complete the examination and may require further training:

The certificate of completion for the full course allows you to apply to the Scheme to become a certified tester (the certificate of completion does not grant immediate access to the Scheme)

Once the candidate has successfully completed the Training and Examination process and has received their completed certificate, they can make their application to join SITMA

Application to SITMA

Member Requirements

SITMA requires all members to join as ‘individuals’ and therefore SITMA treats all members as such.
The wording of Testers and Members may be used interchangeably
Testers may be associated to a company for the purposes of administration and communication, but the certification remains solely with the tester and not the associated company. 

Scheme Pre-requisites

As part of the application process, SITMA has some pre-requisites that must be in place all applicants.

All applicants to the SITMA must have:

Application Process


Once certified, certification must be maintained through a process of continual surveillance auditing

Every surveillance audit is considered by the scheme to be the re-certification of the individual

Failing to pass the minimum requirements of a surveillance audit will result in the member being suspended from the scheme

A suspended member may be requested to re-sit the examination to gain re-entry

A full version of the Schemes Methods and Routes of Entry (PUS004) can be made available to prospective members upon request