Conference 20 September to launch new scheme

A new unified, competence-based scheme will go live in the new-year which replaces and goes beyond the existing BINDT and ATTMA schemes. To find out how, air tightness testers in both of the existing schemes are encouraged to attend this launch event, which is taking place on Saturday 20th September 2014 at BINDT, St George’s Ave, Northampton, NN2 6JB.

By attending, you will gain an understanding of what benefits and value the new scheme brings and what you will need to do organisationally and individually over the coming years to continue as a member.
There will be various presenters at this event including Cameron Sinclair (CEO, BINDT), Rob Coxon (Chair of ATTMA), Anthea Nicholson (Department of Communities and Local Government), Doug Basen (LABC) and Ben Cheeseman (Chair of Technical Committee ATTMA).

ATTMA Scheme Info Bulletin V1 20’10’14