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All issued ATTMA Publications, rules and regulations can now be found in the ATTMA Lodgement Portal under ‘Scheme Administration’ or by contacting the ATTMA Scheme Manager, who can email a copy.

Current ATTMA Technical Standards


Air testing standard for simple buildings 


Air testing standard for multi-fan testing


Air testing standard for complex buildings


Air testing standard for very low leakage

Technical Information Leaflets


Temporary Sealing Guidance
Version 3, May 2017

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Are Your Ready To Test?
Version 2, May 2017

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National Occupation Standards (ASTATT Documents)

The National Occupational Standards (NOS Documents) are an integral part of Air Tightness Testing. They make up the training course requirements, the auditing requirements and are used by testers for the day-to-day running of their businesses.

The documents can be downloaded directly from the Repository for all approved National Occupation Standards or directly from below.

  • ASTATT1 – Prepare to carry out air tightness testing
  • ASTATT2 – Prepare building for air tightness testing
  • ASTATT3 – Carry out air tightness testing for single dwellings and other small buildings
  • ASTATT4 – Carry out air tightness testing for non-simple buildings
  • ASTATT5 – Prepare and issue the air tightness test report
  • ASTATT6 – Calculate the area of building envelopes
  • ASTATT7 – Manage all calibrated equipment
  • ASTATT8 – Initiate and progress contracts with clients to carry out air tightness testing
  • ASTATT9 – Quality assure the air tightness testing process
  • ASTATT10 – Carry out air tightness testing on large and complex, high rise and phased hand over zonal buildings

Minimum Technical Competencies (External Downloads)

MHCLG Conditions of Authorisation (External Downloads)

ATTMA Industry Research

  • IR001 – ATTMA Industry Research Report