ATTMA Ventilation Methods and Routes of Entry

Entry Options

In order to ensure that the Scheme requirements are fully met, and that all applicants are treated fairly and objectively, the ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certification Scheme (ADVCCS) uses a singular training and assessment process.

This translates to applicants having the option to either:

Training & Assessment

To complete the training course, candidates are required to take and pass both the theory and practical assessment at an Approved Training Partner.

The certificate of completion for the full course allows you to apply to the Scheme to become a certified tester (the certificate of completion doesn’t grant immediate access to the Scheme).

There may be circumstances where the tester fails to meet the minimum requirements of the assessment and may require further training.

Direct Assessment

Applicants may choose to directly complete the assessment without additional training.

At no point does ADVCCS require, suggest or mandate that the training course should be taken.

Applicants are only able to conduct the assessment twice before needing to wait a period of 3 months before resitting the examination. This is to ensure the applicant has adequate time to learn more above ventilation commissioning. 

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment fee must be paid in advance of the assessment being conducted. Once an applicant has completed the application stage and has provided the required evidence of Scheme pre-requisites, they will be required to complete an Initial assessment conducted at Approved Training Partner Centre.

Approved Training Partners

ADVCCS uses Approved Training Partners to conduct approved training courses and administer the examination that are used as part of the entrance criteria. Approved Training Partners do not make decisions on certification on behalf of the ADVCCS, those decisions remain solely the responsibility of the Scheme itself. Approved Training Partners can be found here

Application to ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certification Scheme

All members looking to join the ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certification Scheme (ADVCCS) are required to do so as individuals and therefore treats all members as such. Members may be associated to a company for the purposes of administration and communication, but the certification remains solely with the tester and not with the associated company.


To apply for the ADVCCS the candidate has to have successfully completed the examination process and has received their completion certificate. 

All applicants to the ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Scheme must:

Online Application

To apply to enter the Scheme, all applicants will need to complete the online application form

The following information is required at the application stage:

The applicant will enter into an agreement by checking boxes on the application form to abide by the rules and requirements of the ADVCCS. Applications will be acknowledged within in 5 working days of receipt and an invoice issued for the membership fee. 

The candidate has up to 12 months from the date of assessment to apply for the ADVCC Scheme. Failure to do so will require the assessment being repeated and additional fees applied.

ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certification Scheme Levels

Part 1

Part 1 is for those who will be commissioning intermittent and decentralised domestic ventilation. This will be done in accordance with BSRIA BG 46/2022

Part 2

Part 2 is for those who will be commissioning and balancing continuously running, centralised domestic ventilation. This will be done in accordance with BSRIA BG 46/2022


Once certified, the members certification is maintained through the bi-annual (every 24 months) repetition of the entry assessment with an Approved Training Partner. This may be coupled with mandatory training where regulations are changed or updated.

Failing to pass the minimum requirements of the assessment will result in the member being suspended from the scheme, however a member that has been suspended may be required to re-sit the assessment to gain re-entry. 

Reasonable Accommodation

The ATTMA Domestic Ventilation Commissioning Certification Scheme is committed to the continued development of all industry professionals. Reasonable accommodations are intended to remove, as far as is possible, the impact of a disability on a delegates performance and to enable the delegate access to training and examinations on an equal footing. It does not give the delegate an unfair advantage over other delegates on the same course or exam. Any request should be made from the outset and should include diagnosis and recommended accommodations.

General Abilities
Lift equipment (circa 5kg) across rough terrain
Have the ability to lift equipment (circa 5Kg) above their head height for periods of more than 60 seconds each
Have the ability to travel, usually the expectation is to hold a driver’s license if working solo.
Be confident and competent with mathematics.
Be confident and competent to read and understand site plans.

Testers are not required to have any specific abilities before undergoing training, however, it is advisable that testers can do the above.