Certification Schemes

Air Tightness Testing

The leading certification body in Air Tightness Testing. Formed in 2002, with only a handful of members, ATTMA has grown with the air tightness testing industry, creating standards such as TSL1 and TSL2 that are internationally recognised. ATTMA prides itself on being a non-for-profit organisation with all lodgement and member fees being invested in making a better industry for all. 

Domestic Ventilation Commissioning

Launched in 2023, ATTMA operates a Personnel Certification Scheme in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for individuals conducting domestic ventilation commissioning for Building Regulations with the test standard BSRIA BG 46/2022. Our ventilation certification scheme is run by the same great team at ATTMA.

New Company

  • Brand New to Air Testing
  • Have Completed an ATTMA Approved Training Course
  • Standard Member Fees from £250/year

Additional Testers

  • Company already with ATTMA for Air Testing
  • Would like to add testers to ATTMA membership
  • Additional Testers £50/year

Amend Status

  • Already an ATTMA Member
  • Have completed additional training (e.g moving from L1 to L2)
  • No additional fee for changing levels

ANZ Application

  • Company based in Australia or New Zealand
  • Have completed the ATTMA ANZ Level 1 or 2 course
  • Member Fees $250/year

Ventilation Application

  • Have Completed Theory and Practical Assessment
  • All applicants to go through this route
  • Standard Member Fees from £250/year