Impartiality Statement

The Schemes run by The ATTMA is an independent body and is run impartially. The ATTMA takes impartiality seriously and understands the importance of doing so.

The Schemes are overseen by an impartiality & Governing Committee, consisting of a balanced and relevant representation from Government, specifiers and stakeholders (Building Control, Approved Inspectors etc.), with no direct membership from testing firms. 

The Schemes are managed by directly employed, full time Scheme Managers who report to and are a Member of the Impartiality & Governing Committee.

Other employees are all directly employed and sign a contract that ensures impartiality and confidentiality. All staff members are required to declare all conflicts of interest, be they actual or perceived.  

Members of the Board of Directors agree to the terms of reference ‘QM031 – Board of Directors Terms of Reference’when agreeing to operate as a director. 

The ATTMA operate a risk register that is reviewed every 6 months. The purpose of the risk register is to identify threats to its impartiality.

The ATTMA is responsible for all of its decisions relating to the certification of individuals, including granting, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope of the certification and suspension and withdrawal of certification. It does not delegate these decisions to any third party. 

This impartiality statement was added in accordance with Section 4.3.1 of ISO 17024:2012.