ATTMA Logo Guidelines

The ATTMA logo is only to be used by the scheme itself, including trade association, governing committee members and current member companies of the scheme. Current members can be viewed at

Using the logo without written permission from the current scheme manager or chair of either the trade association or the governing committee is strictly prohibited.

The scheme reserves the right to make changes to the terms of this policy document (P003 – Use of the ATTMA Mark / Logo) at any time. 

ATTMA reserves the right to withdraw and/or replace the logo at any given time without notice.

The logo will be issued to all member companies and must not be stretched or skewed, always keeping the dimensions it was issued in (4:1 in favour of length).

The logo must always be the colour it was issued (RGB Red:48, Green:59, Blue:151) and must not deviate from this. Should a monochrome representation be required, black or white are the only alternative colours permitted without permission from the Scheme Manager.

The logo must not be used in a way that may confuse or mislead anyone viewing the logo, intentional or otherwise.

The logo must not to be used in association with any marketing material claiming guaranteed passes. This includes, but is not limited to, printed materials, emails & websites.

All reports issued for tests that purport to comply with the rules of the scheme must use the logo

Failure to abide by this policy, or further decisions about the logo or policy made by the scheme manager, may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the scheme.

Sample Logo below

ATTMA Sample Logo - only to be used as a sample