Amendments to Non-Dwelling Lodgement Fee

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Dear Members,

The ATTMA Board of Directors have agreed to amend the way we currently charge for non-dwelling Lodgement fees.

Whilst it was agreed that the fee of £10 per lodgement will remain in place until it is next reviewed at the end of the year, they have agreed that where multiple tests are carried out on the same non-dwelling, a single £10(+VAT) fee can apply.

The situations where this will apply will be:

  • the tests must have been carried out within the same envelope and within the same block.
  • there was no reasonable way of testing the building wholly
  • the building is tested floor by floor.
  • individual rooms are tested within the same building (for instance, testing a school building in two parts where doors are only accessible to individual classrooms)

The current lodgement system doesn’t allow for this to be automatically processed, so either Candice or myself must be informed before the 1st of the month. You must do so in writing, confirming which lodgements should be batched together and be prepared to show evidence if required. The final decision will be down to the Scheme Manager.

We expect to be reviewing lodgement prices at the end of the year, alongside membership fees.

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