ATTMA ANZ – Re-accreditation (Level 2)

All ATTMA ANZ members (Level 1 & Level 2) will be required to be re-accredited for 2020, a process that is required at maximum every 5 years. As a significant amount of our ANZ membership has been grandfathered in, we are taking this opportunity to ensure all air tightness testers within the scheme are competent to operate at the declared level. This will happen in different ways, depending on your current level, or whether you wish to increase from Level 1 to Level 2. 

We will be starting with those currently operating at Level 2, and those wishing to operate at Level 2. An email regarding Level 1 re-accreditation will follow in due course. 

OPTION 1– ATTMA Level 2 Examination & Assessment
On Friday 6th September, ATTMA will be running a day or Examinations and Assessments in Sydney. The examination and assessment will cost $500 and will include your 2020 scheme fees. 
The examination and assessment will consist of: 
1. Theory test
2. Practical Test
3. Envelope Area Test. 

Level 2 Training Course
For those operating at Level 1, or wish to increase your knowledge base ahead of the assessment, ATTMA is operating its Level 2 training course from the Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th (a 3 day course) which teaches all of the skills required to pass the assessment. This is charged at $2000 per candidate and includes your examination fees and your 2020 scheme member fees. 

Option 2– Level 2 Assessment (Location Based)
For Level 2 members who are not in a position to travel, or would prefer a more hands on approach, ATTMA will visit your company to complete the assessment. This will involve: 

  1. Witnessing a site test. 
  2. Technical Discussion
  3. Results of Document Review.

You will be required to submit documents in advance to ATTMA, including: 

  1. Quote Template (you may remove prices)
  2. Risk Assessment & Test Methodology
  3. Calibration details for your equipment
  4. 3 x Test Reports for Level 2 tests completed, including data & envelope area calculations. 

Option 3– No communication
If an assessment is not completed before 31st December 2019, your company will drop down to Level 1 until an assessment is completed and passed. 

To book your option:

Air Tightness Testing Level 2 Training & Assessment – Sydney, Australia – inc assessment & 2020 Scheme Fees3-6th September$2000
Air Tightness Level 2 Examination Only – Sydney, Australia – inc 2020 Scheme Fees6th September$500
ATTMA Re-accreditation Assessment – Level 2 (Melbourne, Australia) – inc 2020 Scheme Fees10-12th September$500
ATTMA Re-accreditation Assessment – Level 2 (Adelaide, Australia) – inc 2020 Scheme Fees13th September$500