ATTMA is now part of the BCTA

ATTMA is delighted to announce the news that it will (very shortly) be part of the Building Compliance Testers Association (BCTA)
The BCTA is the Trade Association arm for companies that conduct on-site testing and operate within controlled, audited schemes. Some key changes: 

  • BCTA will be a not-for-profit organisation, owned by the testing industry, which will own ATTMA & SITMA. 
  • BCTA will be a scientific research organisation, allowing BCTA to apply for funding, and carry out research and development  to help improve the industry
  • ATTMA & SITMA will continue to be not-for-profit organisations owned by the industry and will operate in their own right with their own directorships, targets and aims
  • BCTA will attract corporate membership from organisations that want to be linked with BCTA, ATTMA & SITMA. The BCTA Logo will only be used by corporate members and must not be used by companies within the scheme(s). 
  • More companies will be joining the BCTA group companies in due course, providing new oppurtunities to ATTMA & SITMA members. 

Email Accounts and Websites
You will shortly notice the change of email accounts for the ATTMA / SITMA employees:

  • All existing accounts will still work
    • []
    • []
  • New emails will be issued from accounts:
    • []

Websites are in the process of being moved and amended:

Most importantly, All existing websites will still work for a period of time. Eventually we will permanently redirect all ATTMA and SITMA links to the new sites seamlessly (this has already happened for SITMA). 

This is an exciting change for ATTMA & SITMA, and represents a new era in its life, allowing the business to grow and change without the restrictions it faces as a single entity. 

We hope you support the changes and look forward to your feedback.