Lodgement Updates – December 2019

Lodgement Update - ATTMA

ATTMA has made significant changes behind the scenes with its Lodgement system. The updates, which happened over the weekend of 14th & 15th December included the moving of the ATTMA Lodgement system on to our own servers, as ATTMA now employs its own developers.

There were some security updates applied as well as a significant number of changes and minor bug fixes, including:

  • Page crashed when creating a CSV with no line. Fixed.
  • If date in any date picker was not a date it crashed the page.
  • Created a sign-out button on the righthand side, under users name.
  • Removed the ‘ATTMA Controls’ text from a admin user’s ‘Update Record’ box.
  • Better validation of user inputs for ‘update Record’ box. i.e. make sure emails are emails etc.
  • Add tickbox to new password area to allow the user to see the password they are typing if they choose.
  • Stopped all the datepicker textboxes trying to autocomplete with passed dates.
  • Created a way to catch and record website fatal errors in backend file.
  • Stopped cursor selection of all div text while still allowing certain areas to have its text copied to the clipboard (user credential area or grids for example).
  • Company.aspx page was not rounding right-hand corner of selection menu for ‘admin’ or ‘tester’ users. Fixed.
  • User Statistics tab now shows 0% rather than just % when value is 0.
  • Added code to record if the signature is not added to the GDPR document.
  • The Deactivated.aspx page has been re-formatted to match the rest of the website.
  • Made design improvments to the deviation grid including swapping status words for icons so we could fit more deviation text in.
  • Added ability for site to store the data coming through the web service to xml files (can be turned on/off when required for fault finding).

LodgeNewTest page:     

  • Added tooltip descriptions for the textboxes in the Results area. Maths symbols may have been confusing.
  • Changed ‘DAP’ label to say ‘Target’.
  • Removed Draft button.
  • Put ‘success’ message at top rather than bottom of page where it couldn’t be viewed by the user.
  • Stopped negative numbers being put in values.
  • Better formatting on the ‘drop file here’ area (buttons outside div border, bars overlapping, drop on button area formatted etc.).
  • Added a function to reject files that are not .bld, .exml or .csv and show an alert warning telling user why they couldn’t drop the file.
  • Dropped data files are automatically copied into the Data folder so users do not need to upload it later. csv files are only copied to the first lodgement ID if they contain multiple lines.
  • Dropped csv files are checked for actual data (empty files were crashing the site).
  • Dropped csv files can now handle empty lines between good rows of data.
  • Error messages are now more relevant to user and indicate which line in the csv is causing the issue.
  • The number of lodgements added from a file drop are shown to the user along with the range of IDs. This allows users to make sure all lines have been imported correctly.
  • User is alerted if lodgement fails to save due to SQL error.
  • Made several dropdown options match the dropdown values on the ‘Update Record’ form.
  • Re-initiated (and fixed errors) the part that pre-fills the relevent form fields on the LodgeNewTest.aspx page when the user has clicked the ‘Re-test this lodging’ link on the ‘Record Updates’ area on the SearchLodgements page.
  • If the form has the same credentials as another lodgement but ‘retest’ is not selected it asks the user if it can change it to a re-test. It also asks them to confirm their choice if they set ‘retest’ but system can’t find a match.
  • ‘Retest’ dropdowns now contain a ‘No’ option (its value is still null).
  • On SearchLodgement.aspx colour rows now update immediately on deviation status change.
  • On SearchLodgement.aspx green colour row has been added when deviation is set to OK.
  • On SearchLodgement.aspx added tooltip to row to show user what the colour means.
  • On SearchLodgement.aspx we cleared the ‘false’ warning message displayed on the Data file upload box when files were uploaded for more than one lodgement ID.
  • Added the ability to suspend the onlinelodgment service and return a custom message to user.
  • Update ‘Record’ window on SearchLodgements.aspx. It now validates all values (was not before) and will tell user if update fails to save (previously it just closed the window and carried on).
  • Fixed bug where the retest values could come in as many different values (true,yes,retest).
  • Fixed certificate creation issue where ‘Retest’ was incorrectly showing as ‘No’ when value in SQL database was not in correct format.
  • Better handling of errors in .bld and .exml files with a proper return message
  • Added the missing ‘auto rejection’ flag to the OnlineLodgement system & form method (vFlowExponent & vCorrelationOfResults) as applied to all other import methods.
  • Added Tooltip on the ‘Lodged’ grid column to show ‘time’ of lodgement.
  • Made results column in deviations 4dp and APR 3dp but without rounding the number.
  • If someone tries to navigate to an non-existent page it redirects them to the login page (previously it just crashed and gave a 404 error).
  • If a major error occurs on the site it will record the error in a file and navigate the user back to the SearchLodgements.aspx page along with a ‘sorry’ message.
  • Pressing enter when in one of the textboxes on the Recovery.aspx page would trigger the ‘refresh’ button, not the submit button. Fixed.
  • Made the QM033 link open its PDF document in another tab rather than navigate the user away from the Splash.aspx page.