New Zealand Air Tightness Testing

ATTMA were mentioned in a recent LinkedIn post by Matthew Cutler-Welsh. His article, which can be found here, was in reference to air tightness testing in New Zealand.

The article promotes air tightness testing being a good thing and explaining exactly what air tightness is. Air Tightness is about floors, walls, roofs, doors and windows that work in unison to help create a comfortable and draught free building, and also an energy efficient and healthy building.

Matthew recently interviewed Peter Jennings, who is one of the UK’s most experienced Blower Door testers, being in the business 30 years. He learnt that achieving an airtight building has a lot to do with the planning and preparation so a good design is very important. A blower door test will show the air permeability of a building envelope and is one of the most important numbers to predict how energy efficient the building is, and how comfortable it is to live in.

ATTMA was formed in 2002, and we have now have many members in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in our home country of the UK. Australia have started to follow our lead in Europe and there are new building regulations that require certain buildings in some states in Australia to have a blower door test. New Zealand is slowly catching up as there is increasing demand for it!

To find companies already members of the ATTMA scheme see the links below;

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