Scheme Manager to speak at AIRAH Building Physics Forum 2019

ATTMA are proud to announce that Scheme Manager, Barry Cope, will be attending and speaking at the AIRAH Building Physics Forum 2019.

Being held on 23-24th October 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, Barry’s talk, titled ‘Let’s talk Compliance’ will be used to both highlight and warn of the dangers of not using an appropriate compliance system to ensure quality and competence, something that the UK still has overhangs from. Mr Cope adds:

It’s imperative that Australia ensure an appropriate Competence Framework is added alongside the option to conduct air tightness testing. With reasonably low barriers to entry compared to other part of the compliance industry, air tightness testing can be seen as a very easy way to make money fast with little or no regard to following due processes, which can ultimately result in poor quality homes suffering from either a lack of ventilation or not being air-tight enough to cope with the extremes of the Australian climate.

Mr Cope will be presenting alongside many other professionals speaking about air tightness at the Forum, including James Spears from Delta Q and Jenny Edwards from Lighthouse Architects & Science

The Building Physics Forum will be exploring ways of controlling heat, air and moisture flows and to control them across the building envelope. Being able to control them can deliver better indoor environmental quality, improving the comfort, wellness and performance to the people living in them.

On the second day there is a panel debate on the topic of ‘Understanding the barriers to progress and implement better building science to the built environment’, where Barry will be on the panel to discuss this topic.