Scotland Energy Efficiency

There has been a new standard in Scotland to improve energy efficiency in the social housing sector. The new Energy Efficient Standard for Social Housing post 2020 (EESSH2) aims to maximise the number of homes that achieve an EPC rating B by 2032

The new goal would be reviewed by 2025 to assess the progress and consider the introduction of air quality to the 2032 milestone.

Last year, over £4.6 million was saved on energy bills as a result of energy efficiency measures being installed such as insulation and double glazing.

Scottish Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said: “A warm, safe home gives people a greater sense of wellbeing and saves them money. Importantly, by achieving the new standard social landlords will reduce poor energy efficiency to reach our fuel poverty targets and contribute to achieving the Scottish Government’s ambitious climate change emissions reductions targets.”

Excellent progress is being made to achieve the first milestone, showing that this helps pave the way to making homes warmer and greener.

This also comes at a time that some Glasgow City Council has been approved funding for £4.2 million towards making homes in Glasgow more efficient. It will help in the same way by reducing energy bills in houses by around £200 a year, benefits the environment and helps contribute combat climate change.

ATTMA believes this paves the way for new builds to be built better with a lower design air permeability in mind and therefore less energy efficiency improvements needed after buildings have stood for a few years.