Covid-19 Guide for Testers

Covid 19 Guidance for Testers

In light of the Government continuing to allow construction under the lockdown, BCTA is providing the following covid-19 guide for testers.
It is expected that construction will enter a period of slowdown for around 4 weeks, with many big names already closing sites to trades. The Government is expected to announce a financial support package today or tomorrow which will encourage self-employed construction workers to stay at home.  


  1. Attending Site
    • It’s really important for testers to phone ahead to ensure that the working situation allows for social distancing. Avoid going into the unknown. 
    • Avoid travelling on public transport where possible
    • Avoid sharing cars / vans with people from other households where possible. 
    • Request (demand) that the plots you are working in are empty of all other trades and will not be interrupted. If possible, collect the keys for each property to lock them in front of you and behind you. 
    • Stay 2m (6ft) from other people on-site.
    • Avoid sharing canteens, site offices or other enclosed spaces as much as possible. Ask for inductions to be given outside to avoid the recycling of air. 
    • Try to avoid touching door handles, window handles or any surface that could be contaminated. Use gloves where possible. 
    • Wash your hands before starting, and after finishing work. Use hot water and soap. Consider carrying your own soap and antibacterial gel with you, if possible. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth especially during work but also at home too. 
    • Do not share PPE and, where appropriate, dispose of PPE safely. 
    • Clean down your kit with alcohol wipes, or simply using a small amount of soapy water. Follow the manufacturers advice for cleaning. DO NOT douse your equipment in water as you will likely destroy it. 
  2. Health & Safety
    • Do not attend site if you cannot guarantee your safety, or the safety of others. Both employers and employees have legal responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act to keep themselves and others safe. 
  3. If you start to feel unwell
    • If you start to feel unwell at any point, showing the very publicly listed signs of Covid-19, immediately leave the site. Inform the site agents by phone and if applicable, your employer. You will be required to start a period of self-isolation. 
    • Remember, you can still spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms. 
    • lookup the latest guidance at