First Passivhaus Certified Home in Bay of Plenty, NZ

The first Passivhaus certified home in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand has been built. As a result, their power bills have dropped from $160+ a month to a monthly average of $32 a month. This is a massive saving of around $128 a month.

The owners of the home are Passivhaus certified consultant and a builder and together they have designed and built an affordable, low maintenance family home. The home is two storey, has three bedrooms and a multi function room downstairs.

The house is timber construction, with use of an airtightness layer. The suspended floor is timber framed and insulated with fibreglass and polyester insulation.

A local heat recovery ventilation company was use as it was Passivhaus certified to make sure that the heating demand and load performance were well below Passivhaus maximums and minimal energy was used for cooling.