Lodgement Update – Areas Served (Australia Only)

ATTMA Lodgement

ATTMA will release an update this weekend to make it more clear on the public website which territories are served by testing companies. The release will show which regions you primarily serve.

Testers will be able to to select two regions in addition to the region that their head office is in.

This allows testers to show they will operate in other states, giving customers clarity on testing companies that will be willing to travel in order to complete the work required.

In order to set the territories, you will need to sign in to Lodgement and set them in the Company section. This is done by selecting the ‘Edit Information’ section (highlighted in green) and adding up to 2 additional areas. Once the areas are selected, press the update button to save your choices. These can be amended at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact your Scheme Manager.


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