Lodgement Update – August 2020

Lodgement Update - ATTMA

Some of the updates that have been made to the ATTMA lodgement system are below.

  • Fixed bug that had Building Type appearing twice on certificates.
  • Fix bug that had plot number appearing twice on certificates.
  • Fixed ‘-1’ issue that was appearing on summary sheets. The – was very large compared to the 1.
  • Updated the grid table on the Equipment.aspx page to the new version (better search options and future updatable to allow users to choose their own columns).
  • Fixed bug that put todays date in for ‘lodgement date’ when either a bld or exml file was imported on the LodgeNewTest page. It now takes the date from the file contents.
  • Fixed bug that was overwriting some fields when member was using the multiple update model.
    • As part of the above I also changed the dropdowns on multiply updates so that only if one is selected will it overwrite that value.
  • Updated the Bulk edit function:
    • Previous version wasn’t saving certain fields and was overwriting others.
    • Now only textboxes that have values and dropdowns that have been selected by the user will update the associated field.
    • Users can now update the certificates ‘Report reference’ value (they couldn’t before).
    • Users can send multiple certificates to deviation review with one click.
    • Non-compulsory text fields can ‘clear’ their values by writing ‘clear’ in its textbox. Previously there was no ‘bulk’ way to remove values.
    • Made the red stars disappear when bulk edit window is displayed as fields are never ‘compulsory’ on the bulk edit form.
    • User can roll over the Lodgement ID label and the pop-up will display a list of the included lodgement IDs.
  • Started to standardise the ‘Report Reference’ and ‘Customer reference’ fields whose names have unfortunately become confused with each other on the system.
    • Changed the 11th grid header title text from ‘Report Reference’ to ‘Customer Reference’ to reflect its actual data.
    • Updated both the Edit, Bulk Edit and Lodge New Test windows to have both ‘Report Reference’ and ‘Customer Reference’ fields with the ‘Report Reference’ box now updating the lodgement certificate (rather than the ‘customer reference’ field).
    • Added both ‘Report Reference’ and ‘Customer Reference’ fields to the exported CSV file data.
  • Lodge New Test: Users can now add the certificates ‘Report reference’ value in the form. Previously there was no way to do this.
  • Fixed Volume textbox validation bug that meant it became compulsory for users to enter a value (which it is not).
  • Started creating Portal Change Notice (PCN) documents to give members pre-warning of impending updates. This was released 7 days before the update was uploaded by being placed in the Documents.aspx page and the users were notified via the real-time popup message system.

If you find any bugs with the system, please don’t hesitate to contact us – admin@bcta.group