Lodgement Updates – January 2020

ATTMA January Updates

ATTMA developers have been busy behind the scenes making Lodgement more efficient. These changes include;

  • Had RetroTec show the end user an ATTMA return message which includes the lodgement ID or an error message rather than their generic one.
  • Due to the above update we have tidied up the list of return messages. Removed ! and incorrect capitalisation.
  • Added an image to the website so BCTA’s colour wheel logo is shown on browser tab.
  • System now records who uploaded test files including quantity of tests in file(s), IP address of user and how long the processing of the files took.
  • System now records who downloaded certificates including total quantity, lodgement IDs, download method (pdf, zip, summary etc..), process duration and IP address of user.
  • System records if a downloaded certificate is a final or provisional certificate as this can be changed after download.
  • Fixed orange warning box location issue that customer brought to our attention.
  • Update made so we now record which software is being used to upload a lodgement via our online service. It records that either Fantestic or TecTite software is being used.
  • Fixed RetroTec return message issue which meant if the word ‘Error’ was in the return message the RetroTec software would show an incorrect error message and the XML to the user.
  • Fixed bug that meant illegal characters (\?:*?”<>|) or non-ASCII characters in a lodgements ‘BuildersPlotNumber’, ‘PropertyAddressLine1’ or ‘CustomerReferences’ field would stop the PDF being created.
  • Fixed drag/drop issue on .bld/exml upload area where it was only allowing file drops on the ‘Drop files here’ text and not the whole background area.

If you find any bugs in our system, please let us know so we can get these fixed.