2020 Lodgements Statistics Summary

Following a turbulent year, ATTMA is pleased to be able to present the 2020 Lodgement statistics. This post focusses on the lodgements per month compared to the previous 5 years.

The Recovery

2020 started strong. In fiscal Q1 Lodgements were up 5% despite the country being locked down for the last 9 days in March. As covid bites, you can see the number of Lodgements fall nearly 10-fold as we all stay home.

In June, we see a steep rise as the confirmation of construction being able to work filters through the industry with more lodgements each month until the predictable decline in December.

What does this mean?

ATTMA’s conclusion is that the construction industry remains strong, even during the various stages of lockdown. The country is still building many houses and long may it continue.

What will 2021 bring?

It’s hard to stay. We have a new national lockdown which, although doesn’t affect construction, does throttle the supply chains. We have Brexit, which now doesn’t look likely to massively impact materials crossing borders, it could still reduce confidence in the financial industry, affecting the financials of houses. We have the vaccination program, which (fingers crossed), will reduce the number of deaths that occur in the country and open up international travel. You’d be brave to give a definitive prediction, though early indications are extremely positive past the first fiscal quarter of 2021.

ATTMA Lodgements 2020 by month from 2015 to 2021

Average Result Continues to Decrease

The Average Air Tightness Test result (AP50) continues to decrease when compared to the previous 5 years. The following graph highlights the monthly comparison vs the previous 5 years.

Average of Air Permeability results in the UK over 5 years.


ATTMA is pleased to see the increase in mechanical ventilation systems being used, though the uptake is still significantly slower than expected. More education is required about the benefits of airtight and well ventilated homes in the UK.