June 2021 ATTMA Lodgement Updates

ATTMA Update June 2021

The latest lodgement updates have been released and are now live on the lodgement system.

As with any release, if you see something isn’t working, please let us know so we can fix it.

  • Fixed bug that made a ? appear when the imported file was using a ‘en dash’ but only for the building description field.
  • Created new lodgement certificate design to better show the pass/fail status.
    • Pre 28/06/2021 certificates will continue to have the old design.
    • Post 28/06/2021 will have new design.
    • If certificate detects site is based in Scotland, it shows the test standard as BS EN 13829:2001 rather than ATTMA TSL1 or TSL2
  • Low energy certificates.
    • ‘Date of test’ and not ‘lodged date’ must now match. Previously it only looked at upload date.
    • Build progress must match.
    • Members will continue to be blocked from creating the cert if the two lodgments used have miss-matched field values.
  • When importing bld and exml files the userID now comes from these files rather than the person who is logged in to the portal.
    • If the file does not contain a user ID it reverts to the user who is logged in.
    • An error message is shown if the file’s user ID entry does not match the company of the person logged in.
    • Tectite V5 does not conduct the above checks and just takes the portal users ID.
  • Sites and plots (released but only visible to members who are signed up to use the new iOS and Android app).
    • Added a ‘SiteList’ page so members can set up and edit sites.
    • Added a ‘Site’ page so members can add/edit/delete a list of plots associated with a site. All fields are validated so people can’t put the wrong data type in any of the fields.
    • Only the plotNo is compulsory. Other data can be filled in on site.
    • When adding multiple plot building numbers you can loop through both numbers and single letters automatically (i.e. ‘Plot 1, Plot 2, Plot 3’ and also ‘Plot A, Plot B, Plot C’).
    • If member ticks a plot and then clicks the ‘Form’ button, The details from the selected plot get copied into the new plot details (minus the plot name).
    • Added page refresh buttons on site.aspx and plot.aspx to allow unloaded data to be refreshed without having to navigate away from the page.
    • CSV import function.
      • This allows members to upload sites and plots data quickly using a csv file.
      • The member can upload either ‘just Sites’, ‘just plots’ or ‘both sites and plots’ from the same file.
      • The format works by the user putting a row header line with the field names in. This means the order of the columns is not important. If we later add extra columns to the csv format, it won’t break any past file formats. It also means we can have different csv formats for site and plots.
      • A full validation of the file and its data is done before any data is imported. This give the user to chance to fix broken lines before the data is imported.
    • JSON file download function allows the user to download a JSON file of all the app data for that test/lodgement.