Minor Changes to ATTMA Lodgement Certificates

ATTMA will shortly be making minor changes to the Lodgement certificates issued from the system. 

Additional Certificate Types

ATTMA will be adding two new certificate types:

  1. Pre-Lodgement certificate
    1. This will be used to show the provisional result of a test where testing was conducted at an early stage, for example when testing at first fix. This certificate will clearly be marked as a Pre-Lodgement certificate and not valid for compliance purposes
  2. Shell & Core
    1. This certificate will be used to show that the plot was tested at Shell & Core Stage. It will broadly remain the same but will make it clear that the building will need testing at final fix stage to be used for formal building completion

Minor Amendments to the design

The certificates design has changed with large blocks of colour to identify whether the test result is a pass or a fail and also whether a deviation is present and the status of the deviation.  This should make it very clear when a test certificate can be used and when it should or must not be used.

Preview of the new designs

A preview of the new certificates is shown below