Barry Cope on the Edifice Complex Podcast

Scheme Director, Barry Cope, joined the Edifice Complex Podcast team recently to speak about all things air tightness testing.

He delved into BCTA and ATTMA, about air tightness testing, plus ATTMA’s expansion into Australia and the USA. In the episode they discussed the new UK Building Regulations requiring 100% of buildings to be air tightness tested, the importance of data and what data has been taken from 1.1 million air tightness tests that ATTMA Members have collected since 2015.

What is the Edifice Complex Podcast

The Edifice Complex Podcast is run by Adam Muggleton and Robert Bean. Adam has been immersed in property and construction for 37 years and has worked in 20 countries and has held leadership positions at several firms. Robert is a retired engineering technology professional having practiced in building construction engineering technology and mechanical engineering.

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