New Certificate Template

ATTMA are pleased to announce a new certificate template for completed tests. The new certificates allow recipients of ATTMA certificates to validate the authenticity of the details we are adding a QR code identified to all single test certificates.

An example of what will appear on all new single test ATTMA certificates.

All Certificates after 21st March 2022 will consist of a QR code image that directs the viewer to the public facing website, which lands on our certificate validation page. There is also a unique, non-consecutive 12 digit code displayed underneath the QR code should the recipient need to manually type in the code for validation.

Using the QR code will direct you directly to the below page, however users who may wish to navigate can do so by going to or it will be under the Lodgement tab on the main website.


HM The Queen

We are all deeply saddened at the BCTA Group to hear the news of the passing of Her Majesty The

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