Record Number of Lodgements

ATTMA is pleased to announce that a record number of lodgements were submitted in November 2022.

20,064 lodgements were lodged in November, breaking the record by almost 1000 lodgements, a record that has been held since June 2019.

Barry Cope, ATTMA Scheme Director said:

20,000 Lodgements in a single calendar month, breaking our all-time record, shows that the industry is already well ahead of the incoming 2022 Building Regulations updates, as more than 80% of the new-build housing stock in this country is being tested. We must also remember that air-tightness testing of new-build homes is not only conducted for energy purposes, but as a measure of build quality and as a by-product, identify issues with fire safety where appropriate seals are not in place.

I’m really proud that we are in a position to support the industry, through technical advice, training and through our state of the art lodgement system to enable the industry to keep air-tightness testing more homes.

Our next target is 20,000 existing homes in a calendar month!

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