The Best Way To Air Tightness Test – The ATTMA App


In this 6 part series, Chris Milsom (CM), Digital Marketing and Membership Coordinator sat down with Paul Carling (PC), Technical Manager of ATTMA to discuss a range of topics to do with Air Testing.

In our final part of the series, we sat down and spoke about the new ATTMA App

CM – Hi Paul, why should people download the new ATTMA app?

PC – Yeah, so for all our air tightness testers you’ve got the ability to upload your calibration certificates for your kit to the ATTMA Lodgement system.

It automatically reads all the data off there, so you don’t have to input in manually. In most cases you don’t have to import any data, you just upload a certificate, click on a link and it updates all the details for you, so you know if you’ve got wayward fingers on your number pad then it stops those kinds of errors from occurring.

It allows you to pre-set up your site addresses and plot details before you go to site which means when you turn up to site, all you’re doing is literally picking the site and a plot. It populates all the building details and then you’re straight into your test.

There’s the added advantage that because it’s on the tablet, you’ve got the access to the camera on the tablet, so you can take if you do your envelope calculations on site, you can take photos of those. They automatically get uploaded onto the test and the link to that lodgement, so you’ve got a backup of all your data already.

You can also do the same for any temporary sealing taking photos. You can do the same for any deviations taking photos. On the actual deviations there is a series of open questions such as who, what, why, where? That gives you a series of options that you can select that formulate sentences of deviations to describe what’s been what’s occurred. Which makes things easier for us at ATTMA in terms of applying statuses to deviations because we’re going to get consistent phrases through for common deviations.

The app is also great for Level 2 and multi-fan testing. It’s completely scalable so if you want to do a 2-fan test or you want to do a 2000 fan test, the app can handle it.

CM – If you have 2000 fans!

PC – Yes, if you have 2000 fans, but the point is that you can do it!

There’s a fundamental difference between any other air testing software that is available and that is it allows you to set up compartments within a building. So, if you’re doing a compartmentalised building test. It allows you to say here’s compartment one and you can select what kit you’re using is set up in that compartment. Then you can set the compartment 2 and you can set what keeps in there.

No other software allows you to do that. What that allows is that allows for area weighted adjustments to be done on each compartment. So, you don’t have this really small compartment in the building and this really massive one and they have an equal weighting.

You just do a straight mean average of your numbers. It means that the adjustments are occurring proportionally to the size of the compartments and that that makes a big difference to the overall accuracy of the test.

CM – With the App, can testers add the 0 flows too?

PC  – Yeah, it’s test software. It’s test software written by ex-testers for testers.

CM – How should people download the ATTMA App?

PC – Its available free on iPad and Android.  

CM – Thank you for your time!

We hope that you have enjoyed our series of frequently asked questions for air testing. If there is anything you’re not sure on or would like us to cover then please let us know by email

App only available to Tablet – click to access App Store
App only available on Tablet – click to access Google Play