Inaugural Annual Awards Ceremony – Most Number of Tests in 2022

The Building Compliance Testers Association ran their AGM on 8th February and used the event to launch its inaugural annual awards ceremony, with one award in particular garnering plenty of attention. This specific award was for the most number of tests done in 2022 by a single tester.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of this coveted award goes to Jessica Kennedy from AES Compliance and Testing (AES). Well done Jessica!  

Unfortunately, Jessica couldn’t attend the AGM; however she was able to pop down to The Hub the morning after, where we were thrilled to present the award to her in person.  

Jessica commented: “It’s incredible that I’ve won this award; going out onto site, everyone is so friendly and wants to help you carry their kit and can’t do enough to help me. I’ve not received any negative experiences. I’m a pretty friendly person anyway, so I’ll go in and be bubbly, and I want everyone to be happy when I turn up and not scared.  

I try to put the site at ease. Before they (the sites) would be rushing around to get the plot ready for the air test, however I say let’s chill, let’s do it and do it properly, so relax. It’s nice when you turn up on site, and people are happy to see me rather than scared!”  

ATTMA are immeasurably proud that the first ever winner of this award has not only gone to a female tester but to a tester with such a sincerely positive approach to their work. AES has long been renowned for its active approach to bringing more women into what has always been a male-dominated industry and everyone should be thrilled to see this approach bearing fruit at the highest levels.