Stroma Calibration Delay – Update, April 2023

Dear Scheme Members,

RE: Calibration Delay at Stroma Built Environment – Update

Stroma is now accepting bookings for calibration. It is understood that they still have a backlog so this will still take a while (6 to 8 weeks) to get back to normal.

For Members that previously had their equipment calibrated at Stroma, and said equipment is due:
You Must:
1) make your booking with Stroma before Wednesday 12th April.
2) authorise Stroma to provide confirmation to ATTMA that your booking information can be accessed, so that ATTMA can confirm the equipment is booked and the dispensation can be continued.

For those with a booking made, but waiting for your booking date to come:
You Must:
1) Continue testing and use the calibration variables given to you at your last calibration.
2) Make a note in the deviations box for tests where the calibration is greater than 12 months, which will be passed through the ATTMA Lodgement Deviations System without interruption.
3) Add the date of your booking to the deviation.

Please use this letter as evidence if questioned by Building Control.

For those that do not make a booking, or do not declare a booking date:
Dispensation will no longer be granted after Wednesday 12th April 2023, and you may be stopped from downloading ATTMA Lodgement Certificates.

This exemption will last until 30th June 2023, where normal service will be resumed and expected.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss how best to use your equipment, please contact us on our usual numbers.

Click here to download this letter to forward to Building Control if requested