ATTMA ANZ Air Tightness Testing Equipment and Calibration


Testers must be familiar with and competent in the operation of any and all testing equipment they use to carry out air tightness tests in accordance with industry standards called for in Building Regulations, Parts L1 and L2, whether owned, borrowed or hired.

A record should be kept of all equipment used for testing and pre-completion testing including that which is not owned by the tester. Details of equipment used but not owned by the tester should be included in the information submitted for the next annual audit.

Scheme members should have procedures in place to ensure that borrowed or hired equipment is a) in calibration and b) performing correctly. Calibration certificates for the borrowed or hired equipment must be presented at the next annual audit.


All the following specification are required of all equipment used, which must all be undertaken by a UKAS/iLAC accredited calibration laboratory.

Fans – 5 year calibration
Manometer – 2 year calibration
Thermometer – 2 year calibration

Pressure differential measurement devices (Micro-manometer) must be capable of measuring pressure differentials with an accuracy of ±2 Pascals in the range of 0 to ±100 Pascals.

Air flow rate measurement devices must have a flow measurement accuracy not greater than 7% of the reading.

Where multiple fans and measurement systems are to be used in unison then the calibration of all individual units needs to be verified.

Temperature measurement devices must have an accuracy of ±1°C within the range of -20°C to +40°C.

Barometric pressure measurement devices must have an accuracy of ±5 mbar in the range of 950 – 1050 mbar.