Training to become an air tightness test engineer

Under the ATTMA scheme, there are three certification levels of tester, plus an Envelope Area Calculator, who does not carry out testing. Please click on the level for further information. There are no current training programs for level 3 just yet.

Level 1

Air tightness tester able to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m³ gross envelope volume and tested as a single entity as stated in EN13829 2001, with a single blower door fan set, in line with training process undergone.

Level 2

Air tightness tester able to test both simple and non-simple buildings, those being any buildings except those defined as large and complex, high rise (LCHR), or phased and zonal hand-over, as set out in the relevant NOS.

Level 3

Testers who have been assessed for a higher level of expertise and also for LCHR buildings, phased and zonal hand-over. Level 3 testers may also be assessed as impartial scheme auditors (confidentiality, non-disclosure and conflicts of interest conditions will apply to this).

Envelope Area Calculator (Non Testing)

A technician whose activity is to calculate building envelope areas, who has been assessed against the relevant NOS.