Become an Air Tightness Tester

To become an air tightness tester, you must complete an application form. Please click on one of the following links to ensure you’re using the correct method.

Before doing so, please ensure have adequate training (as defined here) and you have read and understood the rules and bylaws of the scheme. P001 (the overarching scheme rules document) and documents referenced within P001 can be issued on request.

New Company

  • Brand New to ATTMA
  • Have Completed an ATTMA Approved Training Course
  • Standard Member Fees from £250/year

Additional Testers

  • Company already an ATTMA Member
  • Would like to add testers to ATTMA membership
  • Additional Testers £50/year

Amend Tester Status

  • Already an ATTMA Member
  • Have completed additional training (e.g moving from Level 1 to Level 2)
  • No additional fees for changing levels

ANZ Application Form

  • Company based in Australia and New Zealand
  • Have completed the ATTMA Level 1 or 2 course
  • Member Fees $250/year

ATTMA Member Benefits

Dedicated Technical Support

ATTMA Staff are here for all member queries Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We're available via email too where we'll endeavour to get to you query asap

ATTMA Insurance

We've partnered up with Thomas Carroll Brokers to offer ATTMA members two deals. Click below to find out more.

The ATTMA App and Lodgement

ATTMA's industry leading lodgement portal is where all your tests live as long as your an ATTMA member. You'll also find a number of exclusive documents in this area too and is fully integrated into the exclusive ATTMA App, free for all members. 

Certificate Validation

As every members tests are lodged through our lodgement system, members are able to guide their clients to our certificate validation page to check the certificate is valid. Members of the public and developers can also use this facility. 

ATTMA Certificates

All ATTMA Certificates have a QR code printed on them for additional security. These can be used to verify the validity of the certificate. Our Certificates are also full of all the necessary information and super easy to understand!

We're Independent!

ATTMA is fully independent of any company outside the BCTA Group. We're also not-for-profit, so your membership helps improve service, innovate, and protect members interest