ATTMA Scheme Management

Scheme Manager

ATTMA are managed day to day by the Scheme Manager, Barry Cope. Barry’s role is to:

  • provide members with technical support
  • provide members with support with their clients (as required)
  • carry out auditing on member firms and their testers in accordance with ISO 19011, The National Occupational Standards for Air Tightness Testing and the Minimum Technical Competencies for Air Tightness Testers
  • develop and promote the scheme including technical information, the website and promotional materials
  • develop and promote air tightness testing to the industry, by way of CPD/Presentations and meeting with industry stakeholders on behalf of its members.

Most importantly, the scheme manager is completely independent of any air tightness company and will never actively promote one company over another.

Barry reports to both the Governing Committee and the ATTMA Board of Directors regularly and can be contacted at

ATTMA Board of Directors 

The ATTMA Board of Directors meets at least four times a year to discuss the scheme, developments around the scheme and the operation and management of the business. The Directors have been selected from small companies operating as single testers to national companies operating with over 20 testers as well as a number of Independent Directors. Some work for UKAS accredited companies and others are not, representing the full range of the industry. The Directors operate as a Board, meaning they make decisions on behalf of the company and the scheme as individuals. We also have an Independent Chairman, David Pickavance, who is not affiliated to any industry company.

The Directors are:

  • Barry Cope– ATTMA (Executive Director)
  • Andrew Lane – Building Analysis and Testing (BAT)
  • Chris Mitchell – Aeratech
  • David Pickavance – Independent Chairman, not affiliated with any company
  • Fraser Hall – Daltec