Lodgement Updates – May 2018

ATTMA has made further Lodgement updates and improvements to its system in May:

Improved handling of Re-tested plots

ATTMA has added a warning triangle that will now appear automatically when a user uploads two tests with the same address where one isn’t marked as a retest. This gives the user the opportunity to ensure that a test is marked as a retest as to not be charged. This also works the other way around. If a test is marked as a retest but the system cannot find a matching plot, it will add the warning triangle. If the warning has not been dealt with by the end of the month the plot will be charged. To remove the triangle, click ‘edit’ on the left hand side of any Lodgement and amend the retest status to read ‘retest’.

NOTE – The address must be identical including the Plot number for the system to work effectively. You must not add ‘retest’ into the plot number. 

ATTMA Lodgement Retest Warning

Ability to upload Envelope Area & Test Data evidence 

We now have the ability to upload envelope area and test data evidence to the Lodgement system. This feature is optional but will be made mandatory for new users and users that ATTMA auditors feel it would benefit.